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architecture should fly

intuition as my approach to design, symbolized in the creation of an asymmetrical flying object

As I participated in a recent training on intuition, I felt inspired to share a moment with you about intuitive knowing from when I was an architecture student.
Based on a manifesto by Austrian architecture practise Coop-Himmelblau that architecture should burn, my prof felt it could also fly. We were given the assignement -and six weeks to build- a non-symmetrical flying object.

On the last day of the assigment, I had lunch with fellow students. They were quite mad at the "stupid prof for the dumb assignment" and confessed they had dubbed their object SE65 (exuse my french "shitty design 65,-EUR cost of material") and painted that name on it´s side.
I went home after lunch to build mine. Those who know me a little already will guess, it was made of a natural white silk cover over a bearing structure from Balsa wood, a bit like a hang glider, but asymmetrical and gliding upside down, very delicate, a little ZEN. I had been inspired by the image of an old-fashioned fan and had, in my mind, extended the core structure way beyond the silk-covered centre.
I didn´t finish the drawings in time for delivery to the institute but went there anyway with my precious creation.
Three days later we were to come to a hill outside town to prove our object could indeed fly. I hadn´t tried mine, and yet It glided beautifully. The tutor said, it was at least a B+ and better if I handed in the drawings asap. I did.

At our next gathering in a lecture hall, the best of us were called forward to talk a little about our objects. So there the embarrassment began: I can´t remember if I mentioned I hadn´t tried to see if it would fly, but it came up and I was asked to explain with everyone staring at me.

I just knew.

But instead of sharing this knowing, I mumbled something about having studied physics before and that I probably knew from there. I wish someone had told me right then and there that Inner Knowing is a thing; it would have changed so much. It would have given me the courage and confidence to continue trusting in that gift.

Looking back, I am happy I know now though and grateful that I have regained that trust in my gifts and can use both my intuition and my love for poetic design as my super powers when a tricky design challenge presents itself.

Do you rely on intuitive hunches and trust your creativity or rather not?
I strongly believe that intuition or Inner Knowing is indeed a super power and a time saving one if we trust in it. I believe that architecture has got to change as an industry, like fashion and so many industries actually, which are under pressure now. As architcets and designers we are to create new spaces, be it in city centres or office and schools etc. The dynamics of the virus moving all over our planut is going to trigger evolution. And I am pretty sure, we have only seen the beginning so far. I will go into more detail in future posts.

P.S.: Just in case you were wondering, the object unfortunately got damaged and I didn´t keep it to share a picture. Should I be able to recreate it, I´d be happy to share.

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